"John Stoker’s book is a breakthrough because it so clearly identifies a common problem that few have really talked about and offers principles, practices, and skills so necessary for honest, trust-building conversation."

STEPHEN M. R. COVEY, Bestselling author of The Speed of Trust

About The Book

Be it in a professional or personal setting, our ability to communicate either creates respect, builds relationships, and achieves results — or it does not. Overcoming Fake Talk will help you master the nuances and skills for holding real conversations for results.

There are a number of dynamics that influence conversational effectiveness such as conversation styles, emotion, assumptions, intent, context, tone, tempo and reactive brain functions. Stoker discusses these and develops the eight principles that influence every conversation: awareness, knowledge, reflection, perception, preparation, expressiveness, discovery and connection.

Each principle is easy to understand and is easy to apply to your greatest personal challenges. This is the last communications book you will ever need.

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John Stoker

Praise For Overcoming Fake Talk

  • "I just finished reading Overcoming Fake Talk. I have taught communication skills for over forty years and I wish this book had been available forty years ago."
    ~ Dr. Brent D. Peterson - Co-author of Fake Work
  • "John Stoker’s enlightening and entertaining book, Overcoming Fake Talk, will help you to gain and maintain influence with key stakeholders by holding real conversations that get results."
    ~ Marshall Goldsmith - New York Times Bestselling Author of MOJO
  • "Overcoming Fake Talk provides a very balanced approach to the art and science of conversation that engages your head, heart and hands — all essential elements to connect with people at a deeper, more meaningful level."
    ~ Dr. Dennis S. Reina - Co-author of Trust and Betrayal In The Workplace
  • "This conversation book is truly worth adding to your shelf and maybe even replace others. John Stoker re-frames old notions and applies the principles to anyone, anywhere, in any position."
    ~ Beverly Kaye - Co-author of Help Them Grow Or Watch Them Go
  • "John Stoker not only reveals fake talk, he also delivers spot-on advice for holding real conversations that cultivate relationships, respect and results. Read it and reap. You’ll be a better, more effective leader."
    ~ Ken Shelton - Editor of Leadership Excellence magazine

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Overcoming Fake Talk

About John Stoker

For over 20 years, John R. Stoker has been facilitating and speaking to audiences, helping them to improve their thinking and communicating skills. He is an expert in communications who believes the human capacity to achieve astonishing results depends on the individual's ability to interact with others.

John holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior as well as a J.D. Degree. His landmark book, Overcoming Fake Talk, is both entertaining and engaging, and it presents skills that help readers talk about what matters most.

In the past, John worked as a practicing criminal defense attorney, spent summers as a Grand Canyon white-water guide, and taught on the university level for 13 years. John has been happily married since 1994 and he and his wife Stephanie are the proud parents of five children.


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Overcoming Fake Talk

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